Whether you're an organization looking to grow, a business looking for more social responsibility, or just someone looking to support some positive change, here is a good place to start. We'll work out the rest. 


what we do

We're a group of people with many talents, who love to change things for the better. We help small and medium-sized nonprofits to clarify their vision, tell a good story and find the resources they need to make it all possible. 

Project areas

There are many ways to grow your org; not all of them are for you. Let's figure out which ones fit you best.  


    Don't just commit to an outcome; commit to a plan of action. We'll create a strategy together that is ambitious and do-able.

    • Strategic planning
    • Development planning
    • Monitoring + evaluation
    • Copywriting


    You're going to need the funds to finally achieve that vision. Let's get real about your unique story, staff and donors, and build up your resources.

    • Grant writing
    • Online campaigns
    • Donor relationships
    • Communications 
    • Storytelling

    The other stuff

    There are so many other things that may not seem important, but they steal your precious time and energy away from the big stuff.

    • Website [re]design
    • CRM setup / management
    • Accounting

    who are we? 


    I'm Jess.

    Over the last ten years, I've been working with nonprofits in Africa, Asia, and the Americas to advance their missions in social and environmental justice. Over the last four years, I've raised $1.5 million for a few in particular. I think when nonprofits start acting a bit more like successful businesses, big things can happen.

    So I've put together a group of people (who I believe are the best at what they do) to help me deliver some extraordinary services. 


    Ready to do something? 

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